60-Day Notice

RWS_Tarot_00_FoolSo I filed my 60-day notice already. Its been a long time coming, and it feels GREAT to finally get it over with!

No, I still don’t have a new job waiting for me. Not in the outer, at least. I’m sure its already there on the Inner!

Yeah, I feel like the guy in the tarot card, The Fool. I feel so free and light and fearless. I don’t care if it looks like I’m walking off a cliff.

I’m an IT guy. I have 21 years experience under my belt, initially as Java dev, then Architect, then Technical Manager and, simultaneously, Project Manager. IT is my thing. So what happens when I land a job and it turns out there is absolutely NO IT in it? i leave the job, that’s what!

I actually sometimes fancy running through the office naked on my last day, yelling “I REGRET NOTHING! NOTHING!!!”

Big Saturday Update

My Ticker Is Good

Went for my followup checkup at the Philippine Heart Center this morning. Doctor said my 2d Echo Stress test came back normal: I have a healthy heart! Which means those chest pains I’ve been having before, were all just from stress. Yes, stress. Physically, it was all just my chest muscles constricting and making me feel like there’s something heavy trying to break into my chest.

And now that I know that it isn’t really heart-releated and will never escalate into a heart attack, the next time it happens, I can just suck it up and soldier on.

Yessiree bob, I’m not as old as I first thought!

Makati Square Exploration and Discovery

I took our Montero GTV to Citimotors in Pasong Tamo, Makati for its 15,000 KM maintenance after my checkup this morning. The entire thing would take several hours, so I just went off to wander around the area in the meantime. I had lunch at Starbucks, then I went to Makati Square to just look around.

Muay Thai!

The first thing I found was the Bahaghari-Unicorn Combative Martial Arts. And they had Muay Thai! They’re a member of the World Muay Boran Federation, which is, of course, a different org from Muay Association of the Philippines. I briefly watched the ongoing one-on-one session when I got there, and I liked what I saw immediately: the instructor with the pads hit back at the student at a reasonable speed and intensity.

When I inquired, the instructor was pleasant enough to talk to, and didn’t seem to have too much of an ego. And the rates are really affordable! Its definitely something to consider when we move to BGC!

Guns! Archery!

Then I went down to lower ground of Makati Square. And I found several gun shops crammed next to each other! It felt like I walked into a gun show, but without the festive, excited atmosphere. I didn’t actually go and inquire — I’m perfectly happy with my Gen 4 Glock 21 and Jericho 941 FBL, and I wasn’t in the market for a new gun, it was a pretty cool find.

Then there was Kodanda Archery Range! It was cool watching the two archers inside do their thing. Again, I didn’t go in and inquire, but this time it was mostly because I didn’t want to like it too much — if I start with that as a hobby, my wallet will surely hurt more!

Camera Club

I didn’t know there was such a thing as Camera Club of the Philippines, until I walked into Walter Mart! It had this kind of photography art gallery, and it had these photography courses on offer. Interesting!

I came home really exhausted, but my day was largely fun, oddly enough!

So, Holy Week.

Its Holy Week, and that means we have a four-day weekend. Now is a good time to do some soul-searching. I mean, God knows I need it!

For the past months — almost a year now, actually! — I’ve been in a constant state of quiet panic. My career has gone down the tubes, and I’ve got tons and tons of debt. I hadn’t realized it before, but inside my head, I’ve actually been hysterical all this time. And of course, despite Treasa and I always Decreeing every day for the past months, all this hysteria in my head was just getting in the way.

So now I’ve decided to just step back a bit and settle down first. I’m now Decreeing silently on my own everyday. I’ve gone back to Decreeing using those “I AM” Statements in Book 3. Those short “I AM” Statements were always my favorite; I like them more than the usual paragraph-form Decrees in the Decree Books. So far doing so has helped me get my head on straight.

I noticed that my karma is so much quicker now. If I do something wrong, it immediately comes back to bite me. For example, I had a scheduled interview with two weeks advance notice; but when I blew off some stuff I was supposed to do at work (which  got several people in trouble), my interview got cancelled at the last minute! Worse, they rescheduled it to the next Monday, at a time where I already had a very important meeting to preside over!

Yeah, that was what actually got me thinking. I’d been in such a panic the past months that I’d started doing stupid things, like blowing off work and being snippy with Treasa. And all this group Decreeing wasn’t working — of course it wasn’t, since I was discordant — so I had to do something. I had to get a hold of myself, go to the Silence, and Decree on my own.

And when I started going back to the Silence, just the very next day someone called and asked me if I’m open to start a new job in 15 days! It may not actually pan out, but hey, at least someone called about a potential job!

Anyway, I got three free days remaining in the long weekend. I need to make the most of it by doing just that: going into the Silence, and Decreeing. Hopefully things just get better from here on out.

Goodbye Globe DSL, Hello PLDT Fibr

We finally did it. After months and months of poor internet service, and poor customer service, we finally cut our Globe DSL line. In its place, we’ve signed up for PLDT Fibr.

The Fibr plans and volume boost scheme make more sense anyway. On Fibr we’ll get 8Mbps, and a data cap of 50GB per month, which is pretty comfortable for our home usage. If my brother ever eats up our cap, the roughly 200 pesos you pay for an additional 10GB to the cap isn’t so bad. When we move to BGC, he can just pay the P200 if he ever needs it.

The Globe Tattoo Home DSL plans, on the other hand are… well, I’ll just let this guy speak about it. I mean, what he said!

Anyway, this is just for our mom’s house in QC. When we move to BGC (hopefully soon!), we’ll probably get the same Fibr plan for our condo unit.

I don’t want to trash talk anyone. I’m just telling things like it is, from a customer perspective. Sorry, Globe.

Blog Restart

I’ve been meaning to blog again, but somehow it just keeps slipping my mind. In fact, I was planning to resume this blog on St. Patrick’s Day, to honor the Tuatha De Danann of Ireland. (The irony of wanting to honor pagan gods on a Christian holiday isn’t lost on me!)

I used to regularly blog as Joel Samildanach some years back. I’d assumed the nom de guerre in admiration of the gods and goddesses of Irish myth, especially Lugh Samildanach. I’d gone to Dublin back in early 2007, and I read up on the local mythology. I loved the fact that women seemed to be on equal footing as men, with several women playing significant roles traditionally reserved for men in more patriarchal myths — Morrigan lead armies against the Fir Blog; Scáthach, a woman, was Cu Chulainn’s teacher in the arts of war, etc. This to me meant that ancient Irish civilizations were among the most progressive and forward thinking societies in their time.

What really resonated with me also was Lugh Samildanach. He wasn’t an automatic member of the Tuatha De Danann; he had to earn his place among them through his mastery of all arts. Back in 2007, I was into all kinds of activities — I was a developer by profession, but I was also into muay thai, photography, writing, drawing, etc. It was because I was into so many arts, if you will, that I felt a kind of kinship with Lugh. I took Samildanach as a last name in his honor.

I was also especially grateful because going to Dublin was my first real trip outside the Philippines. I wanted to thank the gods and goddesses of the land who so graciously accepted me and sheltered me for three whole months, and taking on the name of a Tuatha De was a way to show my gratitude and honor them as well.

And now I’m restarting this blog, and re-assuming the name Joel Samildanach.

I am also an occultist — again, like Lugh Samildanach, magic being among the arts that he was master of. This blog will be my personal journal, as it had been before. This time around though, I’m thinking I shall make this my occult journal. Okay, maybe not exclusively just for occult posts, but most definitely I will be writing about both my occult experiences and my outer-world, non-occult experiences.

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